UNIKOM Urban and Regional Planning Student Association (HMPWK) First Community Service Activity

UNIKOM Urban and Regional Planning Student Association (HMPWK) realized its first work program in a series of “Community Service” with the theme “Sabilulungan Ngawangun Lembur”. Community service took place from 17-20 February 2019 in Sunten Jaya Village, Lembang, RW 09 Batu Loceng and Cibodas 3 Elementary School by involving 22 committees and 8 students of the 2018 UNIKOM PWK Program as volunteers.

The first activity held this year by HMPWK was also attended by PWK Unikom Student Development Lecturers, Mr. Kani Mahardika ST.MT, PWK Unikom Alumni representatives, Chairman of the local Neighborhood Unit (Kepala Desa), Local Youth Organization (Karang Taruna), and Great (International Volunteer Movement). After the official opening, community service began with teaching activities at Cibodas 3 Elementary School related to healthy environment as well as community work as a tangible form of the importance of protecting the environment.