Studium Generale entitled “Rural Anthropology: The Importance of Local Perspective”

In cooperation with one of the leading institutions in Indonesia, namely the Resillence Development Initiative (RDI), Urban and Regional Planning Study Program (PWK) successfully held a Studium Generale or Public Lecture entitled “Rural Anthropology: The Importance of Local Perspective”. The implementation of the studium generale guided by Selfa Septiani Aulia, S.T., M.T as the moderator, presented one of the RDI researchers, Thomas Guy Lovett, BA., MA. He is an active researcher who has done a lot of field research in the field of anthropology in order to improve the environment of local communities, especially in forest and rural areas.

Through this opportunity, the Leiden University Netherland master program graduates also shared information regarding the thesis they had done, ranging from general discussions such as cultural relativism, anthropological significance, and the scope of anthropology, to more specific material about “Biodigister in Bandung”.