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Vision and Mision


To become the center of education and human resources development in regional and city planning, which is eminent and advanced in utilization and development of information technology and computerization for the betterment of society, with the insight of global view and entrepreneur.


  1. To carry out the education of regional and city planning which is based on information and communication technology and computerization to produce high-quality students.
  2. To prepare reliable and professional students who are entrepreneur-spirited and have high moral standards to enter the field of regional and city planning.
  3. To conduct researches onregional and city planning based on the specifically planned roadmap and results in scientific publication.
  4. To administer various contributive events in the fields related to regional and city planning.


  1. To implement high quality programs in regional and city planning with the support of information technology.
  2. To produce competitive students with high moral standards to apply their skill in regional and city planning.
  3. To generate human resources who master the techniques of regional and city planning and are able to provide alternatives to solve the problems in the implementation step by utilizing information technology.
  4. To bring forth research and devotion to the society, which is qualified and useful for science and the practice of regional and city planning, both in present time and in the future.