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A Brief Profile of Regional and City Planning Program

In accordance to the vision and mission of UNIKOM, the curriculums provided in Regional and City Planning Program arestrongly relatedto ICT (Information and Communication Technology) competence. Our graduates are expected to be highlycompetent not only in technical planning, but also proficient in ICT usage and computerization for analysis which is combined with the ability to present and communicate with the society. (Untuk itu) All in all, the curriculums evenly distribute portions for both theory in planning and theory of planning. Furthermore, in creating the tradition of ICT for students, one of the learning methods applied is online study.

The institution is also more thorough by inserting Entrepreneurship subject in the curriculums. Students will receive factual experiences fromthose who have succeeded in various fields. This once more becomes a proof that UNIKOM optimizes all efforts to prepare the students to contribute to the nation. Regional and city planning study, along with mastery of ICT and entrepreneurship, become an extraordinary skill for the students' career.

As a university which presents computer science as the main basis of its image, all programs in UNIKOM, including Regional and City Planning, make use of internets and intranets in education. Various facilities that allow students, parents, and the society communicate easily with UNIKOM and program personnel also becomeattraction point of UNIKOM. One of those easiness, other than online learning, is online score, online herregistration, news, and many more.

With the ratification of Spatial Planning Law (No.26/2007), legalization of the National Spatial Plan, government programs in social empowerment, and other programs, Regional and City Planning Program of UNIKOM becomes more steadfast to participate in public domain which is full of conflict of interests. A set of efforts which has been conducted and future development plan, along with the commitment of the administrator, becomes the main ticket for UNIKOM to realize City and Regional Planning as a program that produces reliable experts to solve high numbers of problem in city and regional planning field, according to the enacted regulations and laws